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You have officially stumbled upon the official website of the multi-talented, highly skilled and highly favored erotic companion,.Annette Jane.

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Hello freaky fellas and lovely lady friends

I’m so glad to have you visit my site!

This is my professional escort website and it’s the one and only official, truthful channel to stay current on what’s going on in my love life such as my schedule, location changes, major life updates and other Information that’s relevant to the services that I provide. Here, on this website, I control the narrative. All dissemination of information is guaranteed to be the accurate and unadulterated truth.

Annette Jane is a slim and trim blonde spinner born and raised in the PNW.

Unlike with the escort advertising sites I don’t have to censor basic details about rates, services and availability and having to mask my language or speak in innuendo for fear of legal repercussions. The vagueness of some ad’s message becomes confusing and up for interpretations. Which, as I’m sure you can imagine, results in a major timesuck. Directness is on brand for me, not tiptoeing. Nearly identical situation with social media is happening. We can be deplatformed at any time (think Backpage shutdown 2017… That was before my time in my profession but I still suffer the fallout of it’s closure) That is the reason that it’s so Important to subscribe to get notifications when I post on my own site. Or, at least bookmark the page in your browser.

Who I am


What I do

Need more convincing?

3 Reasons to book a visit with a companion

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Safe exploration

Experience guilt-free hedonistic pleasure within the confines of a safe and mutually beneficial session. Take it up a notch by enlisting a pro to help facilitate the exploration in a non-judgemental setting.

No guesswork

There are endless reasons that the modern man may face a sex shortage; single fatherhood, multiple jobs to juggle or lackluster social skills. Expecting a civvie woman to hop right into bed without some shows intent/commitment afterwards is unrealistic. Eliminate the uncertainty that accompanies traditional hook-ups. It’s an e

You deserve it

Enjoying time with an erotic companion is as much a luxury service as it is a necessity. You deserve to lay back, relax and receive overwhelming pleasure. You’d be amazed how much more tantalizing every touch is when you let go of your deeply engrained ideals about intimacy and experience pure, warm, euphoric pleasure without the pressure to reciprocate.

Open your mind while I open my legs.

What People Say

"Jane was very pleasant to talk to. She opened the door and greeted me wearing very sexy lingerie, which showed off her beautiful body. She then offered me a drink and chatted for a bit. It was very relaxing and comfortable. Once she mentioned her massage skills, I was all in! She regretted not having the correct lotions and oils, but it was still nice and skilled.The rest was great! I will repeat for sure."

BCeagle, P.D. review

Escort-Client liason service to help you avoid being scammed

The escort industry has a massive learning curve for both professionals and the clients. It’s not a topic that has very much readily available, helpful information about it. The average person has no idea how to distinguish a companion’s legitimacy. It makes you particularly susceptible to becoming a victim of a scam.

I’m offering a new service to lend my expertise to your search for the perfect, reputable, legitimate companion.