What is a VIP session?

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What is a VIP session?

This is hands down THE most frequently asked question thaT I receive and I get asked a near daily basis. Definitely worthy of an entire blog post. In fact I should’ve written it sooner. First, let’s start with the definition and then get into the details. 

VIP session – An umbrella term for any full service escort session that involves activities that are not included in a standard session. With the exception of things that I don’t offer AT ALL and extreme/rare fetishes or circumstances.

As mentioned above, a “VIP” session is not a single add-on service or upsell and it isn’t code for something else entirely. I use the term to describe any session that includes services/activities that aren’t included in a basic, standard session.                                                                                            

Origin Of V.I.P.

Due to the aforementioned lack of consistency or official guidelines the term “VIP” has no one true meaning. It is defined by the individual who is using it and will vary from escort to escort. For example, it differs from the term “GFE” in the sense that some debate and confusion exist about the correct definition but there is at least the general acknowledgement of what the girlfriend experience should resemble. Some insist that GFE is supposed to consist of unprotected vaginal sex and arguers on the opposite side of the fence are adamant that it’s a more intimate style that mimics a real life gf experience with making out and cuddling.

This same confusion and controversy surrounding GFE is actually where my use of VIP originated. You see, when I first joined TNA in late 2018 and began posting ads I quickly received a warning from admin that GFE was a banned term that resulted in my ad being deleted. The basis for this rule was something to the effect of “insinuating and/or promotion of unsafe sex practices”. It turns out that the folks at TNA were part of the group who believed that GFE is code word for bareback (that is NOT what my girlfriend experience dates consist of, for the record). 

GFE is a popular, highly sought after service that I was keen on providing to my clients and I had zero intentions of throwing in the towel. Upon doing a little digging on SW Reddit and Twitter it became clear that other providers were using “VIP” to replace the forsaken “GFE” term. I started using it in my ads. Great! Simple. Problem solved, VIP = GFE, right? Not exactly. 

As my time in the industry continued on I was smartening up about the ends and outs of paid companionship. The learning curve for both clients and providers is steep. It took an embarrassingly long amount of time plus A LOT of trial and error to come to the point that I am now about what my VIP sessions should include. As previously mentioned, I now use VIP as an umbrella term to cover various different types of sessions. I do this for convenience sake and to avoid confusion on the client’s part by not having 15+ different prices for individual acts/services on my menu. I try to avoid awkwardness at all costs during my time with clients and nothing puts a damper on sexy fun time more than discussing compensation for additional things that were not expected or communicated prior to meeting.

Standard Sessions

The definition of VIP is a session that includes acts or services that are not included in a standard session. So, what does the standard consist of?

  • Covered blowjob (CBJ)
  • Covered full service (CFS) – missionary
  • Handjob (HJ)

Let’s recap this list; blowjob (w/condom), full service sex (w/condom) and/or a handjob. Don’t count out the good ol’ handy! It’s often overlooked and perceived as juvenile, by me included, but recently I’ve been practicing the technique of sensual stroking and I promise you that it will be the hottest you ever had. Especially because ALL of the focus is on your cock.

A standard date VS. a VIP date feature comparison chart

*A detailed and extensive comparison chart of erotic acts/services that are included in both categories of full service escort sessions; Standard and VIP.

The VIP Umbrella

In this section I am going to cover everything that falls under the VIP umbrella by category and type. These categories are as follows; session type, positions and extras. So let’s get into it!


Bareback full service and anal are NOT services that I wish to provide.

The Takeaway:

VIP offers a bounty of erotic possibilities with limited constraints.

Both standard and VIP sessions are delightful, exhilarating experiences that you won’t soon forget. However, having the many options afforded to you with VIP often leads to a more relaxed and adventurous session.

Sensual Massage

Every VIP session is accompanied by a complimentary sensual full body massage unless otherwise stated as a preference to not receive one.

Session Types

GFE – Known as the ‘girlfriend experience’ and one of the most popular types of sessions that I offer. It’s a more intimate style of companionship that includes cuddling, light french kissing, uncovered blowjob, etc. GFE, despite beliefs held by many, is not synonymous with bareback full service. That is not an option for me. 

FETISH – Any type of fetish session is categorized as VIP. That is, with the exception of extreme or rare fetishes that require high energy exertion. 

These are a few examples of the types of kinks/fetishes that I have experience with:

  • Financial domination (findom)
  • Humiliation
  • Cuckhold
  • Feet (foot job, massages, worship)
  • Voyerism
  • Tease and denial
  • BDSM
  • Roleplay – Doctor, teacher/pupil, mommy, nurse of age regression/adult baby and step-family RP to name a few.

PRO-DOMME – I am new to the pro-domme world but after encouragement and suggestion made by several clients I have decided to start offering te service.


A standard escort session consists of full service vaginal intercourse in the missionary position, if you’d like to experience any other types of positions then it’s best to choose a VIP session.

69 – Mutual oral in the 69 position 

Woman on top

Reverse cowgirl – If my knees will allow me to do it comfortably on that particular day 


DATY/DATO – Oral cunillingus/analinngus performed on me 


Others/extras are all of the acts and services that do not fit into any of the above categories either because they are stand-alone options or are, rarely requested.

  • CUM ON FACE (COF) (that one is an extra $50 due to increased health risk)
  • MSOG – Multiple rounds during 1 session (minimum of 90 minutes)


In conclusion

The standard session has the same end result as a VIP session so both are sound choices. But if you’ve read over this entire post then it’d be hard to deny how much of a better deal VIP is. $100 more and your options are seemingly unlimited. I hope this helps clear up any questions that you may have had about this service.

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