Date Combos & Packages


Introducing the new DATE COMBOS & PACKAGES for Annette Jane

What is a combo date?

A combo date is a themed session that typically incorporates elements of both leisure and pleasure. It usually consists of some social time as well as intimate time. The difference between a combo and a package (*packages coming soon) is that one is a standalone session while the other, a date package, is a series of similar sessions.

Netflix and Chill

This is by far my most popular date combo because it fulfills a need that so many of us have in a post-covid world. We miss the days of endless binging on a series and what better way to do it than with a sexy suitor by your side? If you love being curled up on the couch with your honey (grinding is severely underrated, isn’t it?) and enjoy cinema then this is definitely for you.

2.5 hrs




1.5 hr social time + 1 hr VIP

Session breakdown

Dinner and Dessert

By far the most straight forward date combo on the menu; the forever classic dinner followed by a sexy “dessert”. It’s the perfect session for the traveling businessman or any lovely and lonesome suitor.

3 hrs




1.5 hr social time + 1.5 hr VIP

Session breakdown

Breakfast In Bed

This date combo is for a very specific type of experience and is a morning sex lover’s dream session. It’s a few hours shorter than a typical overnight date (as reflected in the rate) but differs in more ways than one. We will spend our time cuddling throughout the night until we drift off to sleep (or do we?) and awake at dawn to continue caressing my silky soft and skimpy pajamas. The final hour of our tryst is spent in a VIP session before I bid you farewell and wish you a happy, delightful rest of your afternoon.

6 hrs




4 hr social time + 2 hr VIP

Session breakdown

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