This collection of questions and answers only represent a fraction of the questions that are inquired about on a daily basis but it is the most important information-based group of answers that will be most useful to clients and blog readers. I am enabling the comment section for this page so that anyone is free to ask away! Or send your FAQ submissions to the inbox of the email account listed below.

An ongoing and ever-evolving compilation of most frequently asked client questions about native northwest WA state erotic companion, Annette Jane.

Most common questions for favorite PNW escort, Annette Jane.


Where is your incall located?

As of the beginning of June 2022 I no longer live in Skagit county. Due to unforseeable events I had to move to a friend’s property on Camano Island and cannot host incalls at the place that I am staying. However, I will occasionally get a motel room to host at + still do outcalls.

Do you offer outcalls?

Yes, I do provide outcall service within Skagit Valley and the surrounding area which includes but is not limited to Bellingham, Marysville, Stanwood, Everett and occasionally further south for bookings 3+ hours long.

Yes, I can accomodate some types of fetishes. An additional $50 fee applied for transportation cost + travel time. (this is already factored into the rate that is listed on my ‘rates’ page)

When are you available?

My schedule doesn’t have to much consistency and at times can be wildly different from day to day but that is something that I am working on changing for my own mental stability’s sake 😶‍🌫️. The upside to that for you guys is that my spontaneous schedule doesn’t allow me to work at a traditional place of employment and so I can be available at moments notice and at odd hours (although pre-booking wins my heart over and I loathe last minute bookings.

Some ‘no-no’ questions

U available?

NOPE. Not for you!

I absolutely cannot stand the sheer laziness of this question and starting off our first interaction with this phrase or any variation of it will most likely be ignored. Write a full sentence, introduce yourself and for goodness sake please include the basic booking details! Your intro should consist of at least your name + the date/time that you want to see me +

Wanna hangout?

No, I don’t. If you are a new client or we’ve only met me 1-2x times then you can be certain that 100% of the time this will be the answer to your loaded question. For regulars, the answer most likely the same. Except for the very rare exceptions for which I can’t even come up with a scenario off the top of my head.

I don’t say this be cruel, or harsh, but the reality is that I shouldn’t even have to explain why this is a no-go. This is an entire topic on it’s own and one that I’ll save for another day to be covered in a Wits and Tits post.

So, are you doing any specials today?

No. I don’t even need to know which day that question is being asked because even if by chance I am running some sort of special or promotion I am COMPLETELY turned off by this tacky approach.

Speaking about erotic companionship/visiting escorts in the same way that you might speak about purchasing a pizza is sure-fire PUSSY REPELLENT, Period.

Some variation of the “Hi”, “hey”, or “hello” greeting

This is my biggest pet peeve about receiving client inquiries. The guys who start a convo this way will NEVER get a response from me.


What’s the difference between a regular session and a VIP one?


VIP is an umbrella term to describe a session consisting of activities that are not included in a regular 1 hour session. Some examples include 69, bbbj, DATY/DATO (receiving ONLY, not giving. I do not perform analingus), roleplay, c*ck worship, LFK, COF/COB + additional positions that are more elaborate than the traditional missionary or doggy style. Also, GFE and fetish sessions also fall under the VIP umbrella.

Isn’t that an upcharge?

Oh yes, it absolutely is an upcharge! 

additional services = additional compensation

Like any other rate that is set by service based professionals, when extra effort, energy, or materials/resources are exerted for a gig it reflects in the rate.

So, is greek on the menu?

Short answer : NOPE.

Greek and other styles of service that include full-service anal such as P.S.E. aka pornstar experience (as opposed to “girlfriend experience”) are not included on my menu. It is not a service that I wish to provide at this point far in my escort career. 99% of the time it is a definitive “NO” to the greek question but I am open to possibly accommodating if the offer was lucrative enough.

Do you offer any uncovered activities?

I DO NOT engage in physical activities that involve skin to skin contact of both parties genitals or intimate practices that consists of fluid to fluid transfer during the full-service portion of my companionship sessions. (Please see question #1, section 3 of this guide for clarification on my personal boundaries regarding oral fun, specifically the un-CBJ kind)


Do you provide services for bachelor parties, groups or shows?

Yes and no.

I do not perform dances or services for bachelor parties or participate in gang-bang style group sex. But, at a higher rate I will attend orgies as a client’s +1/partner. Inquire about rates for this circumstance and i’ll give you a quote..

Do you do threesomes for couples?

No I don’t. However, I will see female clients individually.

Unfortunately I do not provide services with couples at this time for a variety of personal and logistical reasons.

Are you fetish friendly?

Yes, I can accomodate some types of fetishes.</span.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “fetish provider” because it’s not my specially but I do have experience and fond memories providing light femdomme, humiliation, cuckholding, adult baby/age regression, Smoking fetish, voyerism, roleplay the classics like the obedient and ever dutiful secratery. AND MORE!

Do you offer virtual date options?


Go to my

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