What types of sessions do you offer?

As an adult service provider I have to operate thoughtfully and within careful parameters of the law. While escorting is legal, prostitution is not. The lines can easily become blurred if explicit chat is had beforehand so please keep that in mind and do not put me in that position to have to block you. With that said, I am dedicated to my erotic practice and always finding new ways to improve it. That’s where my new coaching service comes from as well as a consulting/liason service that is in the works and coming soon! But for now, the services listed below are what is currently available.


Erotic companionship

80% of all of my bookings fall into this category. It is my ‘DEFAULT’ service. What is erotic companionship, you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like; I provide my companionship + an erotic twist for the allotted time that you have booked. Services that fall under the FSSW category are just two examples of erotic companionship.

Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy coaching is the newest addition to my list of services and I am SO EXCITED to begin booking clients for it. ‘Practice Girlfriend’ dates and coaching lessons to increase intimate abilities is a passion of mine.


I wouldn’t consider myself as a content creator because I usually don’t record any content (personal preference for privacy reasons) but I do offer a variety of distance dating options.. Virtual GFE, sexting, custom photos/videos and video calls that serve as digital dates.

Kink Services

Although I do not advertise a ‘kink provider’, I am fetish friendly. The list that I have compiled here is based on kinks that I have participated in and/or provided for my clients. However, I am open minded to adding other fetishes to my resume so I encourage you to ask if you’re interests aren’t included here.

Fetishes and kinks that I have experience providing:



What To Expect

My style of service is equal parts of down to earth ‘girl next door’, master cocktease expert and life coach/counselor. Three very different vibes are present but none are mutually exclusive. All aspects of my personality co-exist and as all over the place as it sounds, I assure you, once we meet you’ll get it.

Equally as important is knowing what you are not getting when you schedule a date with me. I am not the right choice provider for you if you are looking for hardcore


I am a full time escort who provides various adult services to the gentlemen of western WA and visiting suitors. I am a sure bet for those who seek to indulge in a fun, thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Meanwhile on the blog…


I recently moved back upriver, east of Sedro-Woolley so I am currently outcall only until further notice when I have secured a rental of my own and have been properly moved in.

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