baldough, P.D.

Smoking hot bod.

"I met up with Jane for an hour and we had a really great time together.  She was very easy to communicate and coordinate with, and makes you feel at ease when you first meet. 

as an aspiring masseuse, Jane was great at helping me relax and destress from a long day of work and travel. She is enthusiastic and giving.

Jane also has a great body, soft to the touch and beautiful to look at.  She is fun to play with as well.

Have her over for a fun time."

Visit Date :

AUG. 2021

Review Date :

August 28, 2021

cijeamar, P.D.


"I had a 1 hour incall session with Annette Jane today (VIP session). She was very friendly and easy to communicate with, helped me feel comfortable right away. She is very attractive as well. Her body is toned and petite, with beautiful blonde hair, and perfect tits and ass. I had a really great time overall. Would definitely recommend to others, and would also consider going back for a session as well."

Visit Date:

August 2021

Review Date:

August, 29, 2021

BCeagle, P.D.

Sweet and sexy

"Jane was very pleasant to talk to. She opened the door and greeted me wearing very sexy lingerie, which showed off her beautiful body. She then offered me a drink and chatted for a bit. It was very relaxing and comfortable. Once she mentioned her massage skills, I was all in! She regretted not having the correct lotions and oils, but it was still nice and skilled.The rest was great! I will repeat for sure."

Visit Date:

November 2021

Review Date:

November, 15, 2021

IntrinsicDesire, P.D.

An Absolute Pleasure To Be Around

"She is very upbeat and bubbly and fun to talk to. We had a lot of convo and, since I like to sex to be at least a little friendly instead of the wham-bam-thank-you-mam, I had a great time with her. I enjoyed her company a lot when we were having sex and when not, which you can't say of many. Only checked the time once, ot a clock watcher. If you get a chance to get to know her, it's worth doing so.
Oh yeah, great bod, especially her boobs. Very perky and natural, and fun to play with. Her face is super cute too.
Highly recommend you see her."

Visit Date:

October 2021

Review Date:

October 03, 2021