What is a VIP session?

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What is a VIP session?

This is hands down THE most frequently asked question thaT I receive and I get asked a near daily basis. Definitely worthy of an entire blog post. In fact I should’ve written it sooner. First, let’s start with the definition and then get into the details. 

VIP session – An umbrella term for any full service escort session that involves activities that are not included in a standard session. With the exception of things that I don’t offer AT ALL and extreme/rare fetishes or circumstances.

As mentioned above, a “VIP” session is not a single add-on service or upsell and it isn’t code for something else entirely. I use the term to describe any session that includes services/activities that aren’t included in a basic, standard session.                                                                                            

Origin Of V.I.P.

Due to the aforementioned lack of consistency or official guidelines the term “VIP” has no one true meaning. It is defined by the individual who is using it and will vary from escort to escort. For example, it differs from the term “GFE” in the sense that some debate and confusion exist about the correct definition but there is at least the general acknowledgement of what the girlfriend experience should resemble. Some insist that GFE is supposed to consist of unprotected vaginal sex and arguers on the opposite side of the fence are adamant that it’s a more intimate style that mimics a real life gf experience with making out and cuddling.

This same confusion and controversy surrounding GFE is actually where my use of VIP originated. You see, when I first joined TNA in late 2018 and began posting ads I quickly received a warning from admin that GFE was a banned term that resulted in my ad being deleted. The basis for this rule was something to the effect of “insinuating and/or promotion of unsafe sex practices”. It turns out that the folks at TNA were part of the group who believed that GFE is code word for bareback (that is NOT what my girlfriend experience dates consist of, for the record). 

GFE is a popular, highly sought after service that I was keen on providing to my clients and I had zero intentions of throwing in the towel. Upon doing a little digging on SW Reddit and Twitter it became clear that other providers were using “VIP” to replace the forsaken “GFE” term. I started using it in my ads. Great! Simple. Problem solved, VIP = GFE, right? Not exactly. 

As my time in the industry continued on I was smartening up about the ends and outs of paid companionship. The learning curve for both clients and providers is steep. It took an embarrassingly long amount of time plus A LOT of trial and error to come to the point that I am now about what my VIP sessions should include. As previously mentioned, I now use VIP as an umbrella term to cover various different types of sessions. I do this for convenience sake and to avoid confusion on the client’s part by not having 15+ different prices for individual acts/services on my menu. I try to avoid awkwardness at all costs during my time with clients and nothing puts a damper on sexy fun time more than discussing compensation for additional things that were not expected or communicated prior to meeting.

Standard Sessions

The definition of VIP is a session that includes acts or services that are not included in a standard session. So, what does the standard consist of?

  • Covered blowjob (CBJ)
  • Covered full service (CFS) – missionary
  • Handjob (HJ)

Let’s recap this list; blowjob (w/condom), full service sex (w/condom) and/or a handjob. Don’t count out the good ol’ handy! It’s often overlooked and perceived as juvenile, by me included, but recently I’ve been practicing the technique of sensual stroking and I promise you that it will be the hottest you ever had. Especially because ALL of the focus is on your cock.

A standard date VS. a VIP date feature comparison chart

*A detailed and extensive comparison chart of erotic acts/services that are included in both categories of full service escort sessions; Standard and VIP.

The VIP Umbrella

In this section I am going to cover everything that falls under the VIP umbrella by category and type. These categories are as follows; session type, positions and extras. So let’s get into it!


Bareback full service and anal are NOT services that I wish to provide.

The Takeaway:

VIP offers a bounty of erotic possibilities with limited constraints.

Both standard and VIP sessions are delightful, exhilarating experiences that you won’t soon forget. However, having the many options afforded to you with VIP often leads to a more relaxed and adventurous session.

Sensual Massage

Every VIP session is accompanied by a complimentary sensual full body massage unless otherwise stated as a preference to not receive one.

Session Types

GFE – Known as the ‘girlfriend experience’ and one of the most popular types of sessions that I offer. It’s a more intimate style of companionship that includes cuddling, light french kissing, uncovered blowjob, etc. GFE, despite beliefs held by many, is not synonymous with bareback full service. That is not an option for me. 

FETISH – Any type of fetish session is categorized as VIP. That is, with the exception of extreme or rare fetishes that require high energy exertion. 

These are a few examples of the types of kinks/fetishes that I have experience with:

  • Financial domination (findom)
  • Humiliation
  • Cuckhold
  • Feet (foot job, massages, worship)
  • Voyerism
  • Tease and denial
  • BDSM
  • Roleplay – Doctor, teacher/pupil, mommy, nurse of age regression/adult baby and step-family RP to name a few.

PRO-DOMME – I am new to the pro-domme world but after encouragement and suggestion made by several clients I have decided to start offering te service.


A standard escort session consists of full service vaginal intercourse in the missionary position, if you’d like to experience any other types of positions then it’s best to choose a VIP session.

69 – Mutual oral in the 69 position 

Woman on top

Reverse cowgirl – If my knees will allow me to do it comfortably on that particular day 


DATY/DATO – Oral cunillingus/analinngus performed on me 


Others/extras are all of the acts and services that do not fit into any of the above categories either because they are stand-alone options or are, rarely requested.

  • CUM ON FACE (COF) (that one is an extra $50 due to increased health risk)
  • MSOG – Multiple rounds during 1 session (minimum of 90 minutes)


In conclusion

The standard session has the same end result as a VIP session so both are sound choices. But if you’ve read over this entire post then it’d be hard to deny how much of a better deal VIP is. $100 more and your options are seemingly unlimited. I hope this helps clear up any questions that you may have had about this service.


Walking the tightrope of wits and tits


The first post for annettejane.com’s official blog, Wits and Tits

Welcome to my wittyful, tittyful little corner of the internet

Full body nude shot from above; photo from my first coordinated “photoshoot” shot by Anthony F.

Hello to all of my fellow freaks and friends! Here we are; the launch of my very own blog. It’s been a long time coming but after months of brainstorming, market research, quizzing friends, picking the brains of other SWers on reddit and A LOT of self evaluation I have finally arrived at a point where I feel ready to put out quality content and valuable information to an audience on a regular basis. Actually, I’ve been ready to launch Wits and Tits for over a month but I was hopelessly stuck on stupid about how and what to write for the obligatory ‘Welcome to [insert name of blog]!’ first post. I was dreading it. Actually, who am I kidding? I’m still full of dread right now. As I type this. LOL! For weeks I’ve attempted to complete this post. 6 drafts in total. That’s how many I’ll fated and half assed literary ventures I’ve began and quickly abandoned since mid-December. I say all of this to basically ask your forgiveness in advance for how scattered and lacking in substance this first blog post is. I have so many awesome ideas and plans for W&T but I had to get this VERY. FIRST. POST. typed out and published before I can start churning out the hits! LMAO. Okay, maybe my blog won’t be an Escorting staple or icon right away but I can wish for it, right?

First thing’s first; let’s address the name change. All of my current subscribers have done so before wits and tits launched without any content to speak of and I appreciate the confidence and interest in me very much. But I’m guessing many of you subscribed after seeing the COMING SOON page where the blog name was in the shoes of a professional whore and are possibly a bit confused. I came up with ‘in the shoes..’ off the top of my head and just went with it. I mean, why not? It’s intriguing, sounds great and is kind of edgy. Perfect! I had thought. I was in love with how regal and full of mystique the title sounded. On an excited and confident high I immediately made the blog banner, first post and promo graphics for social media. I was set. Raring and ready to go!

…. And then life happened in the fucked up tragic way that its known to do and I ended up shelving the whole blog idea for 3+ months. I had all of Autumn to live with and marinate on ‘in the shoes of a professional whore’ and as time went on I felt less and less certain that it was the right choice. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a kick-ass name for an escort blog but it’s not me. Actually it IS me in a semantics and technical sense; in fact I am a whore who is professional. I approach my erotic practice as if it is a small business/entrepreneurial venture/freelance career because that is exactly what it is. Despite me being, quite literally, word for word matching the definition of this particular name choice it doesn’t embody my experience as an escort in any real or accurate way. Neither does it convey the theme of this blog.

It’s intriguing. It sounds great and it is kinda edgy. Perfect… I had thought.


After weeks of deliberation and some unofficial polling of my closest pals and sexworker community on Reddit I settled on Wits and Tits. That’s what my time as an escort boils down to. When all the bullshit and filler words/feelings are stripped away and reduced to the most base level that’s the perfect simple description of me. My personality + physicality = witty and titties! There you have it, wits and tits.

‘Wits and Tits’ embodies the essensce of who I am in such a simple and effective way. That goes for my work persona as well as me, because as much as I wish I could tell you that I have a sexymysteriouscool, significantly more polished and totally in control at all the right moments escort persona. A badass bitch who is everything that I am not which allows for sexual exploration at depths that would leave my vanilla friends jaws on the floor. Sounds exciting and if done right, a fun and harmless outlet aiding my ability to perform the job as a whore day in – day out without a mental breakdown thus far.

As superbly sexy and intriguing a concept that is the reality is that I am very…. me. At all times. No matter who my companion for the evening is or the audience im in front of happens to be. I tweak certain personality traits and interests for some clients because that’s literally in the job description; curating an erotic fantasy experience. But it’s hard for me to feign my core beliefs or personality type. Plus I’m not gonna lie, I love to be the way I am and share that with clients. I know they like me for me (which can make things murky if boundaries are not enforced stringently from the jump) and has the additional perk of not having to fake my interests. Ala wits and tits.

A funny meme that I happened upon on one of my favorite SW subreddits. I feel like it perfectly conveys my exact sentiment about why clients should never ask their erotic companion on a date; we’ve curated a personality and experience for you and it just may not be anywhere near our real life everyday personality.

There are a myriad of reasons to launch a blog as an escort with a personal website. There’s really no downside to having one even if it’s just used to post an occasional life update, tour dates/information and general self promotion. The ability to control the content of the information that you put out, in the way you want it out out is an invaluable tool for SWers living in the U.S. and other places that haven’t yet been decriminalized or legalized. In the age of FOSTA/SESTA escort advertising platforms are at constant threat of being shut down by Dept. of homeland security like with Backpage in 2016 and more recently, CityXGuide being seized and shutdown just a few months ago. Which means that you those sites have to moderate heavily and censor out posts that have the slightest appearance of impropriety to cover their asses legally which lays the burden of increased miscommunication, assumptions and lack of concise information with clients right in our laps. Sometimes with devastating consequences.

Besides having more control over what and how your content is consumed there are seemingly exponential benefits from a marketing standpoint. A blog allows an escort to carefully curate an experience for their readers which is exactly what we already do in-person but online it takes on a life of it’s own. Potential clients can soak up your personality, likes/dislikes, kinks and are more likely to be aware of what to expect. Every sexworker can attest that managing expectations is one of the single most valuable tools to achieving an end result that clients are satisfied with.

Reasons that I added a blog to my site….

  • Organic traffic and growth of my website
  • Build an email list in the case that I become de-platformed from escort ad sites and/or social media. due to FOSTA/SESTA
  • Utilize the space for ‘Annette Jane’ specific news, updates, tour information, etc.
  • Engage existing AND perspective clients by showcasing my personality and talents
  • My accumulative knowledge of the sex industry is quite a sum of information and I’d like to share it with other escorts

In time I’d like to get other escorts interested in reading Wits and Tits. I’ll often be posting about subjects specifically for sexworkers that will benefit them. My inspiration being Slixa’s blog, the Tryst blog and the iconic Tits and Sass. These blogs are invaluable to escorts and play host to a wealth of resources, tips, advice column and how-to guides.

My primary overall objective is to put out content that is relevent, entertaining and beneficial in the everyday lives of both clients and escorts. One of the things that I hope sets Wits and Tits apart from other SW focused blogs is that I aim to educate clients/anyone with plans to intimately interact with escorts about what to expect, how to conduct themselves, dispelling myths and stigma and basically just creating a space that is about sexworkers BUT told in a way that sheds light on the most important points that our patrons need to focus on in order to properly communicate with their ASP (adult service provider) and in turn, maximize the pleasure of their experience with us.

So, in summary…

  • Name change from ‘in the shoes of a professional whore’ to ‘Wits and Tits’.
  • I started a blog to take control over what and how my content and information is displayed.
  • The goal of Wits and Tits is to serve as a wealth of my information based on my knowledge, experience and research + an ongoing and ever growing clients guide to how to properly interact and conduct themselves with their ASP.

I so much look forward to write articles and create content that add value to my audiences lives. I plan to do this consistently and hopefully, in time, gain a following of loyal subscribers to interact with to ensure that I only put out high quality, sought after posts.

Until we meet again, Annette Jane

How-to avoid fake escort ad scams

Identity verification tips, helpful resources and advice about how to best curtail the risk of becoming a victim of fake escort ad scams.


If you’ve been a patron of sexworker’s services for just about any length of time then dollars to donuts you have come across a fake escort ad. Unfortunately for many men (and women clients) it is difficult to discern a legitimate ad from a fraudulent one no matter how much time in the hobby they have under their belt. That’s what I want to help you with today; tips, resources and strategies that you can implement yourself to never fall prey to these types of scams again.

What is a fake escort scam?

A fake escort scam is any time the persona of an escort is misrepresented and used to entice/lure potential victims into communication with the intent to defraud them for financial monetary gain. 

There are several variations of this con that are most likely to be used by modern day scammers but first I have to make this statement publicly and once and for all:


Again, for the people in the back, the hard headed and the hard of hearing. Allow me to politely reiterate this sentiment :


When you contact these to good to be true sexpots running $120 specials in multiple different states, each with different phone numbers attached let’s be clear, she/he is not an actual sexworker. Therefore the adage “but i’ve been scammed before baby, I can’t send a deposit or provide screening info” simply doesn’t work here. 

It’s not our fault that you did zero research. It’s not our fault that you ignored all of the red flags. I understand that most clients don’t even know where to start when it comes to screening a potential sexy blonde mid-day snack such as myself (I kid, I kid… not really. I am delightfully scrumptious) or any other variety of companion. The sexwork industry remains shrouded in mystery. It is a very insular community and we keep a lot of information close to the vest. The reason for this? Often times, our life literally depends on it.

For this reason a client can never be 100% sure about the validity of a courtesan’s identity. It’s becoming more difficult to discern a provider’s legitimacy as technology advances. The natural evolution of these tech improvements results in increased sophistication of scams and easier accessibility. The outcome of these combined traits is a discouraging one; scams that are harder to detect and can be employed by more people. Any Tom, Dick and Harry with a VPN and internet access can now run this con.

That’s where my new client-escort liaison service can be very helpful to mitigate and effectively minimize the risk of falling victim to a fake escort scam. To give you ALL of the screening measures and cheat codes would be absurd. Especially in a public blog post. The legal grey area that my profession exists in prevents all of the information needed to protect both clients and providers from being out here. Bringing on a pro, a SW insider, to perform remote research,vetting identity verification and curating a list of safe options has been proven to be worth the minor affordable fee.

Types of fake escort scams

Fake escort scams are rampant in our community now more than ever. Something about COVID brought out the scammers in droves. The nature of this kind of fraud is diverse in both variation and level of sophistication. It runs the gamut from the shamefully common, rather desperate and benign catfish all the way up to international crime syndicates orchestrating a believable ruse to get your banking details and wire your entire life savings to an offshore, untraceable account. I say this not to instill fear or reaffirm your anxiety about booking a provider, but to inform those who are naive about the dangers of fraud when attempting to navigate the murky waters that is sexwork in the U.S. So alas, let’s get into it.

Steal your information/banking details

This is the most common type of fake escort fraud and it also has the potential to be the most financially devastating. The other scams are chump change in comparison. 

The ruse goes a little something like this:

  1. Would-be client reaches out for a booking
  2. Fake escort says fake escort things while attempting to appear legit in an effort to convince and then excite would-be client into thinking with his dick. In effect, priming the mark for step 3.
  3. Somehow obtains personal identity information/banking/account details from the victim typically using one of these tactics: A virus or fake login page sent through a link or just good old fashion trickery to get them to hand over the deets’.

Again, there are numerous variations of this particular con but you get the picture. The fall out from relinquishing access to this information can be extreme and follow you for a decade +. 

I mean, think about it. How much of your entire life is accessible through your email? Your reaction is probably something similar to mine, which was “Oh, FUCK”.

Bait and switch

The classic bait and switch photo swap. It’s one of the less harmful perpetrators of fraud on the list but it wouldn’t be fair to exclude it. It may have little, if any, financial impact but it does meet the following criteria:




Deposit theft scam

The 2nd most common type of scam involves deposits and is the bane of my existence as an escort. Deposit scams are when the scammer poses as a sexworker who requires a deposit to be paid in order to secure a booking but never follows through on the meetup, essentially stealing the money.

Typically these types of scammers will ask for the amount of the entire rate or close to it rather than charging a much smaller percentage. For example, under certain circumstances that are riskier or more time/energy consuming I require a 20% deposit to secure the date which is pretty standard.

Unfortunately, the rampant deposit scams going on make enforcing my policy so much harder. I do lose new clients over it. However, the amount lost off of those would-be clientele pails in comparison to how much I would lose to No call/No shows, last minute cancellations and fantasy bookers aka internet trolls.
Although these scams are a plenty they are also relatively easy to see through if you use basic common sense and implement the tools that I have included throughout this post. As a matter of fact, one of the most comprehensive and well put together pieces on the subject is the ‘How to find a safe provider’ guide available to view on Reddit here.


 Less common than the previous three is the blackmail scam. It is typically perpetuated by organized crime groups who aim to exploit your interaction with bait-escort. They may try to obtain nude photos/explicit conversation and then threaten to expose you to your work, wife, online friends, etc.

A lot of times they do have quite a bit of personal information on you by using software to run background checks. They may say “we know that you live at 123  main street and drive a green honda” or they know other details like names of family members, etc. My advice about how to deal with these loser blackmailers? BLOCK and do not engage. Especially important, don’t pay them off. Even if you pay them they will keep coming back and ask for more.

A lot of guy cite this as a reason to not provide IRL screening information during the booking process which is a cop-out Real, legitimate providers are not going to use the info to blackmail you.

Signs of a fake escort ad

The combination of the photos + the abysmally low rate is just to good to be true.

Pretty self explainatory. This was literally the first photo that comes up on Google using the search term “fake escort”.

Overly explicit or vulgar ad copy and/or photos showing penetrative sex acts.

The idea here is to get you all hot and horny so that you’ll throw caution to the wind. Which, as you and I both know, is a SOLID strategy. Not gonna lie.

Doesn’t link to a personal website or social media.

EXAMPLES: “No BBFS, GFE or DFK. No exceptions” 

 “Please include basic booking details in initial message such as your name and the when, where, duration session details.

No limits, boundaries or instructions anywhere in the ad. The provider is just there to “please you in anyway possible” and doesn’t include any preferences or hard no’s.

Provider red flags

Doesn’t require any form of screening

Screening is the process of determining if a client is worth seeing measured by their risk level (on paper, that is). The information also allows them to keep track of who they saw if anything should happen to them like being robbed, assaulted, go missing, etc. 

Screening is done by various means that I am not at liberty to disclose. If clients knew the specifics of what and how then in theory they can learn to skirt around it and dupe the process. The only guys that will do that are already blacklisted or are trying to do something that he doesn’t want to be attached to or be held accountable for. A provider who doesn’t want so much as a name, username, references (I personally don’t put much weight to refs, whether a fellow SW vouches for you or not I will still need some real world info) or a photo is very suspect.

On the other hand, though, there are ways of screening that can be done with just an email address or phone number. So you might not necessarily know if she has done some screening.

But do you know who never screens 100% of the time? Law enforcement. LE just wants to get you to their sting location, make incriminating statements and then they will have all the details that they want to know about you.

With that said, providers who don’t require screening DO EXIST and are admittedly more common than it should be. So take this one as more of a piece of supporting evidence to other red flags and scam sign

Requires 50% or more of payment upfront (before meeting)

Industry standard is anywhere between 20-35%.

Prefers payment in gift card or crypto

Some escorts accept crypto or giftcards for deposits but it’s a major red flag. Apple gift cards seem to be a favorite. The reason being that they aren’t traceable, can be converted to cash easily and avert the problem of moving money internationally.

If all of their accounts/ads are days or even weeks old.

Look, if their account is only days/weeks old then don’t bother. I realize that everyone has got to start somewhere but that’s a bit sketch.

How to research an escort

Reverse image search

In case you aren’t already hip to this search tool then let me fill you in. Google reverse image search can be one of the most useful resources to verify the legitimacy of a potential independent escort. To conduct a search go must go to the website here and click on the camera icon on the search bar. Now it’s time to choose a method to select the image; upload from computer, drag-n-drop or by photo URL link and then hit enter.

The results page will likely exhibit hundreds of similar photos with the most similar ones being at the top. Google pulls information and photo recognition technology to scour the web, reaching to high, low and obscure corners of the internet. If your image has been uploaded online anywhere it is sure to show up on reverse image search.

“What are the benefits of such a tool?” You ask.

If the photo has been posted online anywhere then there will be a link to the original source. So if your search comes up a bunch of other escort ads under different names, photos and or/with multiple different phone numbers then don’t walk, RUN. That’s 99% likely to be a scam.

Additionally, this allows you to investigate other locations, if any, that the pics could be stolen from. Often times it originates from an Instagram model’s profile, stillshots of cam girls and photos of a poor, oblivious porn star.

Social media/Website

Having a social media presence or a website is not required to be an escort. To be a successful one, though, these things might be important. We use social media less for advertising and more for marketing and adding to our credibility. The website, however, is more important than anything because it’s the one place where escorts can be candid and transparent about their services, rates and expectations. Unlike any of the escort advertising websites, directories or social media. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when researching her online presence:

  • Does the contact info on the website match the ads?
  • Are the pictures the same person?
  • How do they interact with their followers and other providers? Often times you’ll see that the guys consistently liking their posts and commenting are former clients. 

Google the contact number/email listed in the ad

Pretty self explanatory but to expound on this point I want to emphasize that google is your friend. You’d be surprised at what you might find.

Escorts are common targets too

Believe it or not, escorts are victims of these scammers too. I’d wager to bet that we are actually targetted much more often. On a near daily basis I receive scam attempts. They come from every direction. Texts, emails, DM, you name it. My spam folder is a frequent landing spot for these scams. As I was writing this blog post I encountered a few perfect examples of these scams in action. So i’ll share the most common ways escorts are targeted.

Fraudulent verification photos

This is the reason why I no longer agree to take verification photos for clients to convince them that I am real. If you can’t use your brain to piece together a logical conclusion about my legitimacy despite all my info being out there then we likely aren’t a good match, honey.

This fraud is conducted when a scammer poses as a potential client who is inquiring about booking a session. Notice how in the screenshot above that he gives a vague answer when asked about his location. “Along the highway” is his answer. I can’t find the next screenshot of the conversation but he offers to send a $100 deposit via cashapp if I send a photo holding a sign that contains the date and amyx38@outlook.com. At that point I knew what the deal was. I knew it was a scam so I played along and told him to send the deposit first. He then reiterated that I must send the photo first.

The reasons for wanting this type of photo are: 

  1. To create a fake profile on one of the escort advertising sites and become verified (which is required to be able to post ads) so that they appear more legit and in turn, reach more potential victims to scam.
  2. To send to victims/potential clients to “prove” identity and bolster their legitimacy

Impersonating escort ad site

Another method for extracting login details and/or account information from escorts is by impersonating a website like Tryst or PD to get you to click a link that takes you to a fake login page where you enter your information and they gain access to the escorts account to post or change contact information to forward future inquiries to their phone line.

Impersonating a fellow escort

I don’t have a screenshot to show as an example for this one but its a super simple concept to grasp. This is when a scammer pretends to be a fellow escort claiming to have gotten locked out of their account for whatever reason and then asks to be able to post on your account until their account is reinstated.

In conclusion

In this post we learned about the types of fake escort frauds, how to spot a fake ad, provider red flags, research techniques and about how companions are also victimized. My parting words of wisdom would have to emphasize the importance of doing your due diligence and conducting the research necessary to avoid getting scammed as much as possible. The other sentiment is to use basic common sense when attempting to ascertain the validity of an escorts identity.

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