A fun, sexy and enlightening Q and A style-interview with Annette Jane

Interview questions from my twitter followers and blog subscribers and the concept of a Q & A page is courtesy of Escort-Ads
Just your average everyday mirror selfie in a sweetheart cut sheer red bra.

Interview Questions


What are your turn-offs?

Arrogance, bad hygiene and being spoken to in a condescending manner.


How often do you work per week?

I typically see 3-4 clients on average. I wish I could see one after the other day in, day out but that takes to much of a physical and mental toll on me.


How did you get into the escort business?

I’ll spare you all the inner monologue and general complexities of my decision to go into sexwork – it boils down to this; I became an escort to gain the financial independence required to leave a toxic, psychological fuck mess of a 7 year relationship. I don’t regret my decision even a little bit.


What is the best bit about being an escort?

There’s a few things; it’s often times a great income, flexibility in my schedule to focus on and pursue my passions and being worshiped by men who pay to be in my presence.


What don’t you like about being an escort?

The stigma. Having to live a double life and lie to most people that I meet and interact with. Dealing with the general public’s perception about escorts.


How long have you been working as an escort?

I began my SW career in early 2019.


Has it changed your view on men?

No, I grew up as the only girl out of 4 siblings. I also lived with my dad as my primary caretaker for most of my childhood and he was kinda a playboy. I’ve always understood the nuanced aspects of the male psyche and extremely empathize with them. I have much admiration for men. That said, I gain new insights into the heterosexual american male all the time.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

To be quite honest, I never really had many goals or aspirations to be anything. I figured I knew the simple life and meager existence that my destiny held and didnt think more was possible until I was well into my twenties.


Can you tell us about your first session?

First I dipped my toes into SW through “sugar dating” using a particularly atrocious and shameful cesspit of a site, SA. My experience was not good. The guys wanted escort services, unprotected and for an undetermined amount of time for a set rate. I quickly abandoned that idea and put an ad up. First date was in Bellingham for $500. It went fantastic and was easy as could be! BUT THEN my truck blew up on the way home and never ran again, SMH.


What is the strangest request you have ever had from a client?

Probably the toilet slave request from the diaper guy. I declined, respectfully.


What sort of personality qualities does someone need to possess to be a successful escort?

Ability to empathize, well versed on a wide array of topics to converse about, non-judgemental and a pro in psychology.


How do you prefer a client to make an appointment? What information is important for you? Is screening required before the appointment?


What makes you notable among other providers? What exactly, you believe, you’re good at? What makes your service unique? What is your favorite kind of service?


If a client decided to make you a present, what would you be happy to receive? What is your wish-list (maybe flowers, lingerie, parfume, music albums, books etc.)?


Do you have a list of clients that you see regularly that you have formed a special bond with? Would you feel ‘cheated’ if they saw another girl like how hairdressers get mad at you if you get your hair cut somewhere else?

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2 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Oh how I’m craving time with you again…. its been awhile but I still remember your incredible body oh so well!!!


    1. Oh my TiredFrog😄!! I miss you as well and cannot wait to resume our sessions together. I can only DREAM of dealing with gentlemen
      like yourself. Its been insanely difficult the last couple months. Please text or email me tonight if you can🤞🏻. Its important. 💕💕💕

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